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Researching A Company That Installs Leaf Gutter Guards Who Loves Working In Trent Hills?

We're a family run business with over 35 years of experience working in the home renovation industry in Trent Hills, Ontario. When it comes to your gutter guards we know everything there is to know about it.

You won't be disappointed in hiring us to handle your job. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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There is a good chance you're just starting your search for a eavestrough and gutter guard company you can trust to come to your home in Trent Hills. Your home is one of your proudest purchases and you don't want to let any old company come and perform work on it without screening them to see if they're reputable and qualified.

Things to keep in mind before hiring eavestrough & gutter guard contractor:

  • Reviews & References. The company you pick shouldn't be afraid to offer numerous references to past jobs they have completed. With over 35 years in the industry, feel free to ask us about some past projects we've completed.
  • WSIB. When working with machinery and climbing up to heights, work conditions can pose hazards and injuries could happen. We have a great track record but can never be too safe.
  • Warranty. Do they stand behind their work and products? We offer lifetime warranties which doesn't get any better than that. We're just that confident.
  • Subcontractors. Are they using their own employees or just subcontracting out the work to any person with a little knowledge who needs work? Our workers are all trained and have been working with us for years.

Clog Free Leaf Gutter Guard Protection For Your Trent Hills Home

Do you enjoy constantly having to climb up onto your roof and clean out gross debris that is clogging up your gutters? Ya we didn't think so. Imagine never having to do that ever again. That's what you'll get when you install one of our gutter guards that keeps out all debris, leaves, pine needles and other junk and gunk. Nothing gets in except water. Just the way it should be.

Before installing the new gutter guards, we'll do a thorough cleaning to get out anything that is currently in them.

We're pretty confident we offer the best gutter guard protection system on the market. Believe it or not, a lot of gutter covers on the market still let a lot of unwanted debris in and you'll have to clean them out every so often. Defeats the whole purpose of leaf guards and nobody wants that.

As you can see below in the photo, our patented micro mesh gutter guards excel at keeping everything out and your eavestrough will NEVER need to be cleaned again. They can be mounted to the fascia or under the shingle, making them incredibly flexible to work with.

leaf pro gutter guards 

How Does The Process Work?

  1. You'll contact us and let us know what you're looking at getting done.
  2. We'll setup a time to come out and provide a free consultation and quote.
  3. We assess the current state of your eavestrough while listening to your concerns. We'll offer our expert knowledge and suggest a detailed plan that is custom to your home to achieve the best results.
  4. When work begins, we'll provide the best quality materials and workmanship.
  5. The job will be completed on time and on budget. Simple as that.

See With Your Own Eyes Why Our Leaf Guard Protection System Is The Best On The Market


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What Our Customers Say

Got a few quotes for the work we needed done and all were pretty close in price. Larry who came and did the quote took his time, was personable, knew what he was talking about and showed a genuine interest in providing multiple options and explaining the difference between them all.

Compared to this one company who showed up slightly late, didn't talk much and seemed more interested in getting out of here quickly.

Went with Wayner Trough Covers and the guys did a nice job and I'm happy with the results.


Why Should You Hire Us Over Another Trent Hills Contractor Who Installs Eavestrough & Leaf Gutter Guard Protection?

Let's face it. The home renovation industry is known for having some shady characters and untrustworthy companies. Our reputation and 35+ years of experience in the market prove we're not one you need to worry about or avoid.

We're a family run company and treat each of our customers as if they were in our family. We strive for only the most affordable, high quality solutions that will last a lifetime.

Experience & Trust

We've been making customers happy for over 35 years.

High-End Service

We're in this to build long term working relationships with each of our customers.

Results That Impress

Our highly trained workers and attention to detail mean each job turns out they it was envisioned.

Only The Best Products

Using the quality products that are also affordable means they last longer and save you money down the road.

Insured & Bonded

All our paperwork is in order. Something a real company does.

Lifetime Warranty

You literally can't beat this warranty. We stand behind our products and craftsmanship 100%

Stop having to clean out your gutters and putting your home at risk of serious damage. Let's talk to see how we can help.