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Looking For Gutter Guards That Never Clog Up Your Eavestroughs Or Need Cleaning Out?

You might not even realize this, but a lot of the eavestrough covers on the market can still clog up. We know right; what's the point of installing eavestrough covers if leaves and debris still get in?

Well, you're in luck! We have the exclusive Canadian rights to a patented and superior gutter guard system. We even guarantee that they'll never clog or need to be cleaned — ever.

Say Goodbye To Clogged Eavestroughs For Good!

cleaning clogged gutters

The Benefits Of Installing A Gutter Guard System

Installing eavestroughs covers is a great way to reduce a significant amount of work and maintenance to your gutters. Letting leaves and debris clog up your gutters can lead to all types of serious problems.

  • Keeps out all debris and leaves from your gutters
  • Prevents ice and snow from building up and weighing down your eavestroughs, possibly breaking them.
  • Saves you time or money by never having to clean or hire a company to do it for you
  • Well protected gutters are less likely to become loose, sag or detach.
  • Stops blockage that can cause water overflow that damages to your foundation.

Our Micro Mesh Supreme Gutter Covers Are Great For Metal Roofs While Also Working With Regular Shingle Based Roofs

Micro Mess Gutter Cover

We have a fantastic option for homeowners that have gone with a steel roof over regular shingles. Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular these days because of their durability.

However, not all gutter guard systems are compatible with them. We have a top-notch solution that works flawlessly.

Our micro mesh cover was designed specifically for metal roofs. It will fit perfectly to your roof and eavestrough while keeping all debris out.

With that said, it works flawlessly on shingle based roofs as well. We've installed this gutter cover system on many shingle based roofs as well and the results are fantastic.

Micro Mess Gutter Cover Installed Roof


Stop Cleaning Your Eavestrough

  • Eliminates leaves and debris from clogging gutters
  • Rain-Siphoning Offset Louver System handles the heaviest rains
  • Micro-Mesh is effective against small debris, including pine needles, seed pods and shingle grit
  • Works with screen enclosures and pool cages
  • Constructed from durable .019 aluminum
  • Industrial polyester paint system or mill finish protects
  • Alignment / Stiffening ribs for easy installation and added strength
  • Stainless steel micro mesh
  • Fits 5" and 6" eavestrough
  • Lifetime warranty


micro mesh gutter cover features


Here's Why Our Propriety Gutter Guard System Excels At Keeping Bad Stuff Out Of Your Gutters

In the diagram below you can see our propriety eavestrough cover system. Since the cover has no holes, slots or mesh to catch the debris, absolutely nothing will get into the gutters. This is truly a hands-off product once installed.

hallett how it works
The patented design moves away debris via surface tension and electromagnetic attraction. This keeps all leaves and debris out while allowing up to 6 inches of rainfall per hour.

This virtually eliminates all build-up of any waste that might otherwise clog up your eavestroughs.

Our gutter guard system is a one-piece design. The aluminium clips allow water to flow through the gutters with ease while giving a secure and load bearing installation.

We're so confident in our product, it comes with a 20-year warranty to put your mind at ease.

Go With The Competitor Product & Look What Happens

The most popular system on the market is still prone to clogging. While it does keep a lot of debris and leaves out, it's not foolproof. Over time it will clog up again. This means you're either going to have to pay somebody to clean it, or get out the ladder and climb up on your roof to get your hands dirty yourself.

Clogged Gutters

Does That Look Appealing? We Didn't Think So

We're sure you don't want to sign up for that 'fun' when selecting gutter covers for your home.

Large weeds and roots can even make there way through the holes and grow right through!

clogged gutter covers

Our Master Professionals Make Installation A Breeze

Before we install our revolutionary gutter guard system, we'll assess your eavestroughs to make sure they're in top working condition. We'll clean out any debris and junk that has built up and realign and repair any sections that need it.

Nothing Gets In Your Gutters Except Rain Water

These covers fit tightly into your eavestroughs so no wasted space is exposed. We'll custom fit these nice and snug right into the corners. Everything is done with precision and care.


micro mesh gutter covers corner fit

We take the effort out of your eavestroughs covers with quick scheduling and highly trained installers.

What Our Clients Are Saying


My husband and I wanted to have eavestrough covers installed because we were having problems with them clogging constantly as we have a lot of trees in the backyards around here.

We couldn't be more happy with the results! Larry was great and incredibly helpful in going over all the options available to us.

Thanks guys!

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